Landscape Spring Clean Ups

A spring clean up from Jeff's Lawn and Landscaping leaves you with a beautiful property and the time to enjoy it. Your spring clean up can be customized to fit the vision you have for your property within a desired budget. A full spring clean up consists of stick and leaf removal, edging, bed cleaning, thatching, aerating, mowing, and mulching. Upon arriving at your property we walk the grass areas to pick up sticks and branches left over from the winter time. Next depending on the amount of leaves left on the property we blow them into piles or rake them up and remove them to prepare the grass for thatching and mowing. The beds receive a fresh edge cut. The left over scraps are kicked into the bed where they are picked up with the other debris from the bed. The beds are then raked up and cleaned out with the extra scraps left from edging. After the beds are cleaned the lawn is mowed, thatched, and if desired aerated (aerating can be done in the spring and or fall). With the mowing finished and the entire property cleaned up we add a fresh layer of mulch to the beds completing the spring clean up process. A clean property, fresh commercial edge, and new mulch leaves your property looking very neat for you to enjoy. With decades of experience and the right tools and equipment we can do most clean ups in a day and give you back the time of several weekends to enjoy your property instead of working on it. Call us today to schedule a spring clean up or estimate!

Fall Clean Ups

A fall clean up by Jeffs Lawn and Landscaping starts off much like the spring clean up however the mind set is to clean and prep the property for the long winter months. The property is walked to collect big and small sticks to prevent our mowers from any damage and begin the clean up process. After removing the heavy materials the leaves from the property, mulch beds, and landscaped areas are blown and raked into piles for collection. (leaves may also be blown into the woods depending on the clients request, which saves time and thus money) These piles are gathered and put out of pickup. Jeffs Lawn and Landscaping. As the piles are being brought to thecurb the lawn is being mowed a half inch to one inch lower then normal summer heights. This lower cut helps prevent winter damage to your lawn as well as giving it a very clean cut look. When Jeffs Lawn and Landscaping leaves the property it is left looking picked up and clean of any sticks, branches and debris. Fall clean ups can be customized to fit any budget and all requests, from weeding and pruning to aerating and fall planting. Call for an estimate and let us handle the work so you have more time to get ready for the holidays and family gatherings.