Jeff's Lawn & Landscaping Property Services, LLC

Welcome to Jeff’s Lawn & Landscaping Property Services. We are the leading service providers of Landscaping, Hardscaping, and Snow Removal all across Central Square, NY. Our skilled professionals ensure to beautify your residential or commercial property by providing top-notch maintenance service. From snow plowing & retaining walls to tree trimming & spring and fall cleanup, our trained crews solve it effectually. Now, give your home or office a complete new look with our cost-effective service.

If you are living somewhere in Central NY, Syracuse, North Syracuse, Cicero, & Oswego and need our service, dial 315-569-9885, we are available 24*7 at your service.

We handle everything for you!
  • Full Project Management
  • Design and 3D Modeling
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Stormwater Management
  • Permits and Inspections
  • Irrigation and Drainage
  • Planting and Removal
  • Snow Clearing

Why choose us?

Jeff's Lawn & Landscaping Property Services, LLC is a fully licensed and insured landscaping contractor in Central Square, NY serving residential and commercial customers throughout Oswego, Syracuse, North Syracuse, Cicero and Central NY. Our experienced landscapers have been providing a wide range of customized landscaping, hardscaping, lawn maintenance and snow removal services since 1991. Whether you need snow plowing, spring and fall cleanup, retaining walls, tree trimming or mulching, our team can handle it all! A proud user and dealer of Amsoil Products. We have been in Business for 26 years! Call Today at 315-569-9885!


We at The Jeff's Lawn & Landscaping Property Services are proud to offer carefully designed landscapes crafted to suit our commercial clients’ preferences while prioritizing sustainability.We at The Jeff's Lawn & Landscaping Property Services are proud to offer carefully

We are since 1991!

The Jeff's Lawn & Landscaping Property Services have always focused on one thing: customer satisfaction.

We deliver that satisfaction through our comprehensive range of expert lawn care and landscaping services, including both residential and commercial lawn care.


“Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace.”

– Jame Stevens

Our clients

We work with big and small.

Whether you contract with us to maintain a small lawn or a full-featured landscape design and installation, you’ll always get what you pay for.

“We are new customers of this company and have been very favorably impressed with the quality of the work performed by your employees.”


"My Team shows up on time, works efficiently and quickly, and cleans things up well. Along with very competitive pricing, they provide a good service and excellent value!"


“ The Gardeny Guys are fast and efficient. They fixed our old Valve box for the Sprinkler system and we always have them do our Sprinkler Blowouts in the Fall.”


"Best lawn service I have ever used. I use them for everything from mowing, fertilization and irrigation. I even had them pressure wash my house and it looks like new."


"The driver was extremely professional, courteous, and the price quoted was fair. I would happily hire The guys from Gardeny again! He did an excellent job clearing my driveway of snow!"


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